An Introduction to Forenede Gruppeliv (FG)

A group of life and pension companies have chosen to transfer all tasks pertaining to group life insurance to a separate administration company, namely FG. We prepare proposals, manage agreements, collect premiums, pay out insurance sums, take care of customer service and provide sales and technical insurance assistance.

This provides potential for economies of scale, low-cost administration and specialisation. Our core product is low-priced, uncomplicated and transparent,  standardised life insurance that is easy to manage.

FG is owned by the following Danish life and pension companies, all of which are equal shareholders:


The group life products

A group life insurance is a collective insurance without savings – a so-called "risk insurance". FG only sells life insurance to groups of at least 25 persons. The insurance can include different types of insurance coverage and sum amounts, and can apply to both compulsory groups and voluntary schemes.

Group members will typically be employees of a public or private company, members of a pension fund, organisation or union, or groups of customers of a bank or insurance company.

Group life policies can be divided into three main categories, compensation being paid out on death, disability or specified critical illnesses.

FG's management

The company is managed by a board of directors with five shareholder representatives and four customer representatives. The latter are elected from a customer panel consisting of 30 of the most important and largest customers. This panel advises the board and management on products and service.

The administration company has 37 employees who, in collaboration with the sales organisations of FG’s owners, handle administration and sales of group life insurance.

Responsibility for day-to-day management lies with the CEO and the senior vice president and actuary.

Key financial figures

Earned premiums amounted to approximately DKK 5,5 billion.

Trend in key figures over the past 5 years (DKK millions):

  2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
Premium 6.222 5.996 5.560 5.570 5.450
Investment return 72 99 19 51 93
Insurance benefit payments 5.909 5.478 5.520 5.439 5.364
Insurance operating costs 144 141 129 123 120
Tax/Tax on pension returns 14 13 13 15 16
Profit 49 47 44 43 42

FG's Privacy Policy

We take the protection of your personal data seriously

We process personal data at Forenede Gruppeliv (FG) and have therefore adopted this Privacy Policy which explains how we process and protect your personal data.

FG's Privacy Policy

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